When docking, it is important to remember these important steps. Coming into the dock, you want to receive the bow line first. Pull yourself in and tie it off then pull the stern in with a second line. Just make sure you’re in far enough so you don’t fall into the water trying to get off to stretch your legs or do whatever else you can imagine doing after docking. If it is relatively windy, remember to keep your bow into the wind to make it easier on yourself. 

Undocking is a bit more difficult, and there are a few more steps to this process. First of all, when casting off, you need to remove the ropes in the opposite order that you received them in. After removing all lines excluding the bow line, push off the stern, idling out. When you’re a good distance from the dock with the stern, remove the bow line and reverse the boat until you are a comfortable distance from the dock. At that point, pivot the boat out into the great, vast [insert whichever body of water you happen to be in]. 

**Important reminder! Your boat isn’t a car (unless it is, then that would be awesome): it doesn’t steer, it pivots on an axis.