Helpful Boating Tips

Helpful Boating Tips


·         Before going out on your boat, put things such as phones, keys, wallets, and other electronic devices in waterproof or plastic bags


·         Be sure that another passenger on your boat knows how to drive and call for help in case of an emergency


·         Check weather often to ensure a safe trip on the water whether it be out on the ocean or back in the bays


·         Make sure all of your Federal, State, and Local decals and boat information as well as safety precautions are correct before heading out on to the water


·         Know the high and low tide times


·         Always use marine grade parts when your boat needs repairs, they last longer and can prevent hazardous problems


·         Bring many snacks and a lot of water when going out on to the water


·         Overdress; conditions can be different on the water than they are on land, you can take clothes off if need be


·         Bring items such as bug spray and sun tan lotion, the sun is more powerful than you think


·         Always take a fully charged VHF radio with you at all times